What’s Cookin?


Surprise your friends and/or family with a unique experience.

  • Family Celebration
  • Date Night Group
  • Team Building
  • Child’s Birthday

Chef will come to the event with groceries and set up stations for the group.

The group will work alongside Chef to learn new skills and see a meal come together. This event can be as structured or as relaxed as you want. Every event is unique.

Prices will vary depending on instruction and cost of produce. Starting price $55 per person.


Enjoy a Fine Dining Experience all in the comfort of your home. Perfect for anniversaries and birthdays!
Chef Brandee will arrive with produce, create, serve and leave a clean kitchen.

Every Event is unique, prices will vary on produce and location. Starting price $45 per plate served.


Let me take care of dinner this week!

Receive 5 meals personally created by Chef Brandee.

Menus Posted Every Sunday for the following week.
$130 for 5 Meals, Serves 1.

$250 for 5 Meals, Serves 2

***Sign up required, limited spaces available.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact me!